Hunting in Alabama

Alabama Hunting at Glance

Hunting is a popular recreational activity in Alabama, with an estimated 400,000 residents participating each year. The state has some of the most liberal hunting regulations in the United States, and offers a wide variety of game species, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, quail, doves, and waterfowl.

Alabama is home to a million and a half whitetails, making it one of the most popular trophy-hunting destinations in the United States.

Feral pigs are found throughout the state and may be hunted throughout the year on private property without limit, however a hunting license, management area permit, and management area license are needed when hunting on public land. Alligator hunting is permitted in southeast Alabama’s Mobile Delta, Monroe, Wilcox, and Dallas counties.

Alabama ranks #16 in the nation for hunting license per capita and has a strong hunting culture with over 9.2% of the population classified as registered hunters.

Key Insights

  • Hunting is a popular activity in Alabama, with an estimated 400,000 residents participating each year.
  • Alabama offers a wide variety of game species, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, quail, doves, and waterfowl.
  • Feral pigs can be hunted throughout the year on private property, but a hunting license and permits are required for hunting on public land.
  • Alligator hunting is permitted in certain counties in southeast Alabama.
  • Big game hunting in Alabama includes deer, elk, and feral pigs.

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Hunters (Based on Hunting Licenses)
Population: 5,024,279
Hunters 462,234
Hunter % 9.2%
Hunters Rank 16

The state of Alabama is predominantly private land and only 3.27% of the total acres could be considred huntable public land. In fact, Alabama ranks #40 overall in acres of public huntable land.

Land Types (Acres)
Acres % Rank
Total 32,480,000
Huntable Public 1,061,000 3.27% 40
Private Land 31,243,890 96.19% 9
Tribal Land 200 0.0006% 29

Alabama ranks #9 for the percentage of private land vs total acres and doesn’t have any tribal land.

Alabama Hunting Seasons & Requirements

For the most accurate information on Alabama Hunting Seasons, along with the state’s requirements for tag and bag limits, it’s a good idea to check with the Alabama DNR.  We’ve provided their contact information below, along with links to helpful resources, including licensing.

Alabama DNR

64 N. Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130

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Popular Game to Hunt in Alabama

Hunting in Alabama is excellent for a variety of game animals, including white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, feral hogs, alligators, bobwhite quail, waterfowl, and small game. There are lengthy seasons and generous bag limits, making it a great destination for hunters.

Small Game Hunting in Alabama

Turkey, quail, and dove hunting are among the most popular small game hunts in Alabama. Wild turkey populations have increased in recent years, making them a popular target for hunters. Quail hunting is a tradition in Alabama, and many hunters enjoy pursuing these birds, although in recent years changes to habitat have caused the number of these birds to drop significantly. Dove hunting is also popular, as these birds are plentiful in the state.

Big Game Hunting in Alabama

In Alabama, deer hunting is a popular pastime. The state is home to a variety of deer species, including white-tailed deer, mule deer, and black-tailed deer. Hunting these magnificent creatures is a time-honored tradition in the state, one that truly brings out the best in sportsmanship and camaraderie. Elk are the second most popular big game animal to hunt in Alabama. These massive animals can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and stand six feet tall at the shoulder.  As in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, feral pig hunting is possible in Alabama.  Numbers are highest in west central Alabama in the Oakmulgee area and the surrounding Taladega National Forest, but numbers have been increasing in recent years throughout the state.  

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Where are the Best Areas to Hunt in Alabama

Alabama offers great hunting opportunities across the state, both on public and private land. We’ve included some of the best areas for public hunting below and as we have access we’ll be adding more private land too.

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Popular Public Hunting Land in Alabama

The state of Alabama has six national forests, which cover a total of 1.3 million acres. These forests offer a variety of recreational opportunities, such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Hunting is a popular activity in Alabama, and the state’s six national forests provide ample opportunities for hunters to pursue their passion. The Conecuh National Forest, for example, is home to deer, turkey, quail, and other game species. The Talladega National Forest offers hunting for deer, bear, coyote, and hog. And the Tuskegee National Forest provides hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, quail, rabbits, and squirrels. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just getting started, Alabama’s national forests offer something for everyone.

1. Conecuh National Forest
2. Talladega National Forest
3. Tuskegee National Forest
4. Bankhead National Forest
5. Forever Wild Tracts

Hunting Private Land in Alabama

Since the majority of Alabama is private land getting access for hunting can be very appealing. When you hunt private land, it’s not only less crowded, the animals also tend to be less skittish and this means you’ll have a better day out in the field.  Traditionally, accessing private land for hunting has been complicated and expensive.  You either needed to join a club, hire a guide, or start knocking on doors.

Fortunately Wing It is simplifying this for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. We’re adding new land every day and if we have some in your area, you’ll see some options great below.

More Private Hunting Land

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  • Hunting
  • Others activities
    • Woodchuck and rabbit hunting
  • Hunting
  • Others activities
    • Woodchuck and rabbit hunting
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