Hunting in Oregon

Oregon Hunting at Glance

Hunting in Oregon is a great way to experience the state’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife. There are many different types of hunting available, from big game like elk and deer to small game like rabbits and squirrels.

Oregon’s varied terrain supports big and small game animals of many different types. 2 species of deer can be found in abundance with white-tailed deer common in the rugged coastal mountains and mule deer most often found in the high desert region of eastern and northeastern Oregon. Similarly, Rocky Mountain Elk inhabit eastern Oregon while Roosevelt elk range can be found throughout western Oregon.

Chukar, quail, partridge, and pheasants are just a few of the upland birds you’ll find in Oregon. It’s also home to some fantastic waterfowl hunting.

Oregon ranks #18 in the nation for hunting license per capita and has a strong hunting culture with over 7.8% of the population classified as registered hunters.

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Hunters (Based on Hunting Licenses)
Population: 4,237,256
Hunters 330,506
Hunter % 7.80%
Hunters Rank 18
Land Types (Acres)
Acres % Rank
Total 61,441,900
Huntable Public 34,752,000 56.56% 5
Private Land 41,377,600 67.34% 37
Tribal Land 660,700 1.08% 13

Oregon ranks #37 for the percentage of private land vs total acres and number 13 in terms of acres of tribal land.

Oregon Hunting Seasons & Requirements

For the most accurate information on Oregon Hunting Seasons, along with the state’s requirements for tag and bag limits, it’s a good idea to check with the Oregon DNR.  We’ve provided their contact information below, along with links to helpful resources, including licensing.

Oregon DNR

4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97302

Unlock the Great Outdoors

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Popular Game to Hunt in Oregon

When it comes to big game hunting, the most popular animals to hunt are elk and deer. These animals can be found in many different parts of the state, but the best places to hunt them are in Eastern Oregon and Central Oregon. Bear hunting is only allowed in certain areas of the state, so it’s important to know where you can and cannot hunt before you head out into the woods.

Small game hunting is a great way to get started in hunting if you’re new to the sport. rabbits and squirrels are the most common types of small game animals, and they can be found in many different parts of Oregon.

Small Game Hunting in Oregon

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the most popular small game animals to hunt in the state are chukar, pheasant, squirrel, grouse, and rabbit. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including the abundance of these species and the relative ease of hunting them. Chukar and pheasant, for example, can be found in many parts of Oregon, and they are relatively easy to track and kill. Squirrels and rabbits are also fairly common, and they often provide good eating. Grouse, on the other hand, can be more difficult to find and hunt, but they are prized by many hunters for their challenge. Regardless of which species you choose to hunt, small game hunting can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Big Game Hunting in Oregon

Hunting is a popular pastime in Oregon, and the state is home to a variety of big game animals. The most popular species to hunt are mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, white-tailed deer, antelope, and mountain goat. All of these animals can be found in the state’s forests, mountains, and plains. Mule deer are the most common type of deer in Oregon, and they can be found in nearly every county. Rocky Mountain elk are found mostly in the northeastern part of the state, while white-tailed deer are more widely distributed. Antelope are found primarily in the southeastern part of Oregon, while mountain goats can be found in the Cascade Range. Hunting these animals provides recreation for many Oregonians and helps to keep population levels in check.

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Where are the Best Areas to Hunt in Oregon

Oregon offers great hunting opportunities across the state, both on public and private land. We’ve included some of the best areas for public hunting below and as we have access we’ll be adding more private land too.

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Popular Public Hunting Land in Oregon

Cascade Mountains: The Cascade Mountains offer some of the best hunting in Oregon. With a variety of terrain, including forests, meadows, and lakes, the Cascade Mountains provide a unique experience for every hunter. Deschutes National Forest: The Deschutes National Forest is a haven for hunters looking for a challenge. With its rugged mountains and dense forests, the Deschutes National Forest is home to a variety of game species. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area: The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is one of the most popular hunting areas in Oregon. With its vast expanse of wilderness, the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area provides a unique opportunity to hunt multiple species of game. Ochoco National Forest: The Ochoco National Forest is a great place to hunt for deer, elk, and other game animals. With its diverse landscape, the Ochoco National Forest offers a variety of hunting experiences. Umatilla National Forest: The Umatilla National Forest is a great place to hunt for deer, elk, and other game animals. With its diverse landscape, the Umatilla National forest offers a variety of hunting experiences.

1. Cascade Mountains
2. Deschutes National Forest
3. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
4. Ochoco National Forest
5. Umatilla National Forest

Hunting Private Land in Oregon

Since the majority of Oregon is private land getting access for hunting can be very appealing. When you hunt private land, it’s not only less crowded, the animals also tend to be less skittish and this means you’ll have a better day out in the field.  Traditionally, accessing private land for hunting has been complicated and expensive.  You either needed to join a club, hire a guide, or start knocking on doors.

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