Unlock the profits hidden in your land.

Coming in 2023!  Increase your profit per acre, maintain 100% control, & get protected through a $1M insurance policy simply by allowing temporary land access for outdoor activities.

Landowner App for day lease of land on Mobile Phone
Landowner App for day lease of land on Mobile Phone
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Hunting, fishing, and camping are activities that over 150 million people enjoy each and every year. There is a great opportunity for forward-thinking landowners to connect people who enjoy the outdoors with private land for them to appreciate. That is where you come in. It can be as simple as giving access to a farm pond or non-productive farm land, but it is up to you how creative you want to be!

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Wing It™ allows you to list your property for the purpose of outdoor recreation and guests pay you based on the rates you set for various activities. You maintain control by deciding what activities are available and when guests can be on your property. We cover the costs of marketing, insurance, and guest vetting so you can continue doing what you need to.

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Wing It™ has an umbrella insurance policy to cover you and your land, as well as every person that walks onto your property that is a Wing It™ Guest.

How it Works

Free for Landowners

Wing It™ is totally free for landowners. Free to sign up, free to use, you don’t have to pay for the insurance and your first round of signs is on us.

Complete Control

You control everything about your listing and the access. Including what activities are allowed, where they are allowed, when they are allowed, and more.


As a landowner on Wing It our insurance policy keeps you from being held liable for injuries on your land that are associated with a Wing It activity.

Diversify Income

Wing It allows you to add an income stream to your operation without the need to spend money.

Increase Property Value

As you create more profit per acre, the value of your land goes up!

Sharing the Land

Giving access to others means they get to experience the outdoors in ways they never have before.

Access the Opportunity

Getting Started is Simple

Create an Account

Add your property

Choose available activities

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We Take Care of the Rest


Welcome Kit with Signage

Payment Processing



Landowners enroll their properties on the Wing It™ platform by choosing what activities can be done on their land, when and where those activities can be done, and how much members pay for the activity. Then our members will have access to those properties via our website or app and they pay the landowners to do the listed activities.

There is no catch. Wing It is made for landowners. Landowners get 100% of the activity fee they charge and Wing It makes its money when guests pay subscription fees. 

The best answer we can give is yes. We have designed our platform so that any property has the potential to generate revenue through Wing It. Empty corn fields can offer goose hunting, creek draws can offer mushroom hunting, farm ponds can be a place to camp for the weekend, the opportunities are endless, and are only limited by the imagination. So if you can think of even one single way a member could recreate on your property then yes, your property is a great fit for Wing It.

Wing It has an umbrella insurance policy in place to cover you and every person that walks onto your property that is a Wing It guest.

No you are not. At any time landowners can leave the Wing It™ platform with no hard feelings or obligations.

You have total control of your property listing on the Wing It platform and you can change your pricing whenever you want. The better experience your land offers the more you can charge. It’s up to you.

Bathrooms are not necessary on Wing It™ properties. We do however recommend properties that will be offering camping and other long term activities to think about installing a bathroom such as a port-a-potty.

Your landowner Wing It app will have multiple features you can enable to notify you when guests are on your property.

We have tried our best to make getting started as easy as possible. All you have to do is create an account, select and describe your properties, then specify the details of those activities. Wing It™ is always free for Landowners and there are more people joining everyday.

Yes, Wing It™ is totally free for landowners. It is free to sign up, free to use, you don’t have to pay for the insurance, and your first round of signs is on us.

When a member participates in an activity on your property, you receive 100% of the activity fees.

Yes you can, we do not want Wing It™ to get in the way of your operation, we just suggest that you be courteous to the guests on the property while you do what needs to be done.

When you refer someone, let them know to put your name in when prompted as they are signing up.

If you have a user that you do not want allowed back on your property, you have the option to ban that user from accessing your land via the app.

You do not need to. If at any time you want to make any part of your land available or unavailable to Wing It members you can do that with the click of a button.

Landowner Interest Sign up

Coming in 2023!  If you’re a landowner looking to earn more income form your land, we want to work with you!  We’re adding more acres everyday and building the best solution on the market for activity based land rental.  

Fill in your details below and let’s talk about your situation and how we can help.

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Coming in 2023!

We’re currently building the ultimate app for outdoor access.  Add your name and details below to save your spot and ensure you get access before the general public.